Meet Some of Clarity's Employees


Sareet joined CLARITY in 2006, after the company where he was working closed down.  Sareet was born with Leber’s congenital amaurosis and at the moment has only around 5% of his vision left. He enjoys working at CLARITY, which gives him independence and a sense of belonging. He also truly likes the sense of community at CLARITY where it is not only a place of work, it is also a place where you can meet understanding people who can help you turn your disabilities into abilities.



Ozzie joined CLARITY in 1992 and was initially working in our bedding department making mattresses. When CLARITY started making toiletries instead he was happy to learn new skills and has been working in the soap making department for a number of years overseeing soap production. Also, Ozzie is involved in the social aspect of CLARITY where he helps organise Christmas dinners and a weekly raffle. He likes walking his dogs in his spare time and playing with his kids. He is very happy at CLARITY and grateful for the good standard of living that the charity provides and also for the responsibilities and trust that he is given.



Karen is a fairly new member of the CLARITY team who joined us in September 2015. CLARITY is her first job and it is a great opportunity for her to learn new skills and adapt to the working environment. She really enjoys working here as the charity provides not only a job but also a great opportunity to meet new people and make friends. She said everybody has made her feel very welcome and she already feels like part of the team. When she is not working, Karen likes watching TV shows and spending time with her family.



Jean joined CLARITY 16 years ago having previously worked as an administrator in the offices of a pasta manufacturing company. When the company moved premises, it was difficult for her to travel to work so she had to change her job and look for something closer. Her role at CLARITY is varied as she is not only working on the production line labelling bottles but she is also very involved in the social committee, helping to organize CLARITY annual Summer trips and social gatherings, and she is also responsible for running the snack shop in the canteen.



Throughout his life David has been a very positive person despite the fact of being diagnosed with Anderson-Tawil syndrome when he was very young. David has never allowed his disability to stop him living a full and joyful life - he enjoyed his work at a car wash until 2 years ago when the disease progressed and he could no longer fulfil his duties there. He was delighted to find out about CLARITY through Leonard Cheshire Disability, and has been a member of the team here since February 2016, working on the production line where he can sit down and get on with his duties. He is a keen player of boccia – a game where players must throw or roll their coloured balls as close as possible to a white target ball, called the jack, with the winner being the player or team with the most balls near the jack. This great game has been a competitive sport in the Paralympic Games since 1984 and is a game of strategy in which players demonstrate great skill and determination to overcome their impairments – a perfect way of describing David’s attitude towards life and work. He is very grateful for places like CLARITY where “everyone is treated equally and you feel welcomed by your co-workers and appreciated by the management".