The Blind Soap Maker

The Blind Soap Maker was established in 2015 and dedicated to making only the highest quality luxury hand-made toiletries, using only the very best ingredients.

The name stems from the fact that the founder Alexandra Charlotte Negoita, is herself blind. She wanted to show that blind people can make a real contribution to business and society.
Alex says, 'Blind people are very aware of the scent and feel of a product so my products are made to smell and feel great - not just in the minute you first use them but throughout the time in which they are used.'
All these products are made by hand in Durham - with real love. The aim is to provide the highest quality products with the passion, empathy and quality-control that very few other companies offer.
We hope you will be pleased you bought these products and be reminded of their high quality every time you use them...
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