About Ethical Supplies

The primary aim of Ethical Supplies (The Trading Division of Clarity North West Ltd est.1995) is to support the expansion of all forms of ethical trading.

We supply high quality products sourced locally in the UK produced by many small & medium sized local companies who put ethics and environmental concerns at the forefront of their business activities.

An example of a few of the suppliers we work with are detailed below.

Clarity Products Ltd (established in 1854 as General Welfare of the Blind) is an organisation driven by a strong social mission and a desire to keep its customers happy by delivering exceptional products that represent outstanding value. Clarity Products are all excellent quality. They provide outstanding performance and superb value for money. Clarity Products Ltd provide employment for over 65 Blind and severely disabled people in the U.K. We are excited to support their outstanding product range & their re-investment in expanding employment for Blind & Disabled people in the UK

Arthouse Unlimited is a collective of artists living with complex epilepsy and learning disabilities all of whom require varying levels of support.  The artists work alongside instructors to create artworks which are developed into designer products for sale. All artwork derives from the skills each artist brings to the enterprise and every contribution holds real value. You can purchase a selection of their products on this website.

Suma is the UK’s largest workers co-operative established in 1977, they actively promote, produce and supply organic and environmental products.

Our aim is to continue to support UK manufacturing, social enterprises & companies who put ethics and the environment at the forefront of their trading activities.