D-ODR Room Fresheners - 4 Fragrances

D-ODR Room Fresheners - 4 Fragrances

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These new room fresheners are an exceptional blend of high quality essential oils and fragrances that have been developed under licence in Spain's oldest established fragrance house. They last at least 4 times longer than most room fresheners and they don't just mask stale odors they break them down and deodourise them. The premium ethanol carrier used in them is a unique formulation which suspends the fragrance in the air much longer than other room fresheners and enables a stable release of odor neutralising agents over a longer period of time.

They are bottled in completely recyclable aluminium bottles and filled to 70ml, they are manufactured in the UK.

The following 4 fragrances are now in stock:

Aromatic Apple 
Strawberry Sensation 
Lasting Lavender 
Clean & Crisp 

The fragrance lasts at least 4x longer than standard every day room fresheners and even surpass industry leading brands, so they are really good value, better than buying 3 or 4 cheap ones, they last longer and smell better.